About Us

The Gulf Region ITS (GRITS) Chapter was founded in 2009 as an educational and information-sharing group and became formally chartered in October 2009. We are a chapter of ITS America that includes the geographic area of Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

 Gulf Region ITS serves as a mechanism to facilitate communication and coordination among our members; ITS America; and other governmental, academic, and private institutions, and associations. The overall goal is to provide government, academic agencies, and the private sector with improved access to advanced transportation technology to meet the demands place on highways, public transportation, and interfaces with air, rail, and other modes of transportation. Primary methods of information exchange are through our annual GRITS conference, website, emails, and our outreach and training program.

Membership in GRITS is by organization (public or non-profit agency, private organization), individual (public or private), and student. GRITS is led by a Board of Directors, which is elected on an annual basis by its members.


Download the Quick GRITS brochure HERE