The Past Presidents Council is charged with advising the current Board of Directors in all matters GRITS. The Past Presidents are viewed by the GRITS leadership as the wise men and are often sought out for their advice and expertise in both running of the organization as well as other aspects of ITS.  

Council Chair: Laura Hartley

The Elections Committee is sub-committee to the Past Presidents Council.  It is tasked to seek and reach out to knowledgeable, talented and passionate individuals in the ITS community to serve on the GRITS Board of Directors. As part of the outreach, the committee presents its recommended list to the GRITS Officers for the chapter’s nomination. The committee also oversees the management of the elections process including announcements, member’s nominations, and casting ballots.

Sub-committee Chair: Acey Roberts

The Annual Awards Committee organizes the annual awards program for the chapter. With the assistance of the communications committee, the Annual Awards Committee develops nomination forms including criteria for yearly awards. The committee solicits nominations for chapter awards, reviews applications, and selects deserving recipients. The committee also coordinates the awards presentation held during the chapter’s annual meeting. The current GRITS President is the annual awards committee chair, and committee members is the Past Presidents Council. Committee members may not participate in the award selection process any year they are associated with an award application.

Sub-committee Chair: Jonathan Fox